Equipment for the treatment of male prostatitis

Today, almost every man faces the problem of prostatitis. To overcome this once and for all, tools and devices are actively used to treat this pathology, which was the topic of the article. We consider the strengths and types of devices, as well as the most commonly used devices for prostatitis, and whether they really help effectively.

device for the treatment of prostatitis

Benefits of using tools to treat prostatitis

Medicine has made great strides in learning to bring the therapeutic benefits out of physical, thermal, and aqueous devices and to call this method physiotherapy. The devices of the prostate have a good therapeutic effect, which can treat the pathology in a short time. Consider the positive aspects of men and those who use tools:

  1. They are able to eliminate a benign tumor of the prostate that is in an acute inflammatory form. It provides a high level of prevention for the recurrence of prostatitis.
  2. A device for treating prostatitis makes it possible to attenuate or eliminate the symptoms of the disease that occur during the chronic period of the course.
  3. A strong half of humanity will be able to use the device for prostatitis at home and in health homes.
  4. Some of them help during the first procedure, quickly relieving swelling and pain.

Types of devices used to treat prostatitis

There is a wide range of tools for treating prostatitis, so it is very important to choose the most effective one for you. We recommend that you consult a qualified technician with this question. They can be divided into many types depending on the principle of work, pricing policy, contraindications to use.

the doctor prescribes the treatment of prostatitis with a device

Vibroacoustic devices

The operation of these devices is based on the use of mechanical vibrations. Treatment with such devices successfully combines body temperature, magnetism, and vibration. This combination forces the blood to activate movement and strengthen the immune system. Your doctor will often recommend vibroacoustic devices to prevent various pathologies, including prostatitis. They eliminate the inability of male and female germ cells to fuse, increase the volume and hardening of the male penis during arousal, and have a beneficial effect on prostate muscle tone. The medical device brings the most productive results with a combination of therapy and drugs.

However, vibroacoustic devices have not only advantages but also disadvantages. To be effective, they need successful medication, which may be contraindicated in some members of the stronger sex.


A physical effect on a person that has a low-frequency constant or pulsed magnetic field that is beneficial to the male body, such as:

hardware treatment of prostatitis
  1. the magnetic flux is able to pass through the tissues and exert a local effect on the required part of the body;
  2. there are no complications with magnetotherapy in the body, and this method of treatment is permissible in patients with high blood pressure;
  3. magnetic fields increase cell permeability, increase the rate of recovery reactions, and stimulate blood dynamics.

Magnetic therapy can be used even in chronic prostatitis. The pulse field is adjustable and the dosage can be changed individually for everyone. A knowledgeable professional will tell you how to do this correctly.

It is important to know that there are weaknesses in magnetic therapy. Men with heart disease, chondrosis, impaired vascular function, systemic circulation, epilepsy, high blood pressure, and body temperature should not be treated with this type of device. In some cases, there is an increased sensitivity to magnetic therapy.

Electrical medical devices

These devices impulse the necessary part of the penis by impulses, acting on the rectum, with the aim of absorbing them into the blood vessels and entering the circulatory system. Increase blood circulation, speed up cell metabolism, improve the rate of tissue regeneration - easily and quickly with the help of electrical devices.

The only downside to electrical devices for treating prostatitis is the higher price compared to other devices.

The most popular tools for prostatitis

The special lamp is a fairly simple vacuum method for treating chronic and acute prostatitis based on light. The urological method for the release of pathologies is performed twice a day for 5-6 minutes. The light is directed under the scrotum for five days.

device for the treatment of prostatitis

To stimulate blood circulation in the pelvis, a suit is placed on the body that eliminates the disease by applying pressure to the shavings. This tool significantly improves erection in just 2 sessions. Anyone can feel the device work at home.

Another tool for combating prostate disease is complex. It treats various forms of prostatitis and relieves congestion. It has a beneficial effect on blood dynamics through a combination of vibration, heat and magnetic effects. It has no harmful effects, provides a complex and effective effect. The device provides therapeutic massage to the man.

Of the stronger sex, it is often used by the device as an electromagnetic device to treat prostatitis. It acts on the body using high frequency electromagnetic waves. Urology only treats this device in clinical settings. The device for the treatment of prostatitis improves the functional condition of blood vessels and tissues, blood circulation.

The magnetic therapy device for prostatitis is no less good. The effect of the device belonging to the method of magnetic therapy is a pulsating field. Prostatitis eliminates both at home and on hospital walls. It relieves inflammation and pain, improves blood flow to the prostate, restores the function of the penis.

The home applicator works with a needle massage. It is recommended to perform the therapy with the help of applications for 25 minutes, twice a day. In three days the result will be noticeable.

Keep in mind that in addition to the most popular methods of getting rid of adenoma and prostatitis, there are a number of other methods (such as mud methods).