Effective methods of traditional medicine against prostatitis

Prostatitis is a complex disease that affects the prostate gland. Its main danger is that no manifestation can be observed in the initial stages of development. At the same time, destructive processes continue in the body. The pathology causes severe psychological discomfort in men, but they are afraid to go to the doctor, so they can endure until the symptoms become more pronounced.

Characteristics of symptoms

Prostatitis begins to develop after 35 years. Patients at risk include those who are overweight and those who are sedentary. Hypothermia, bad habits and infections of the urogenital system contribute to the onset of the disease. To get rid of the problem, you can treat prostatitis with folk remedies at home. But this method is used only in conjunction with traditional medicine and after consulting a doctor.

Prostatitis occurs for a variety of reasons, so there are several types of the disease, each with its own manifestation. As the secret of the organ stagnates during the defeat, the condition worsens. The pathology is acute or chronic.

Acute development of the disease

neural strain as a cause of prostatitis

If the disease occurs suddenly, the symptoms will be clear and pronounced. Signs of prostatitis include:

  • a rise in body temperature (38 degrees or more);
  • pain, chills;
  • pain syndrome in the lumbar region, sacrum, perineum;
  • disability, general weakness;
  • mood swings;
  • severe sleep problems.

There are specific symptoms of prostatitis:

  • difficulty urinating, more frequent going to the toilet (especially at night);
  • the presence of mucous particles in the biological fluid;
  • decrease in the amount of urine, change in color;
  • sharp pain every time you try to go to the toilet.

With each passing minute, the discomfort intensifies and spreads to other parts of the body.

Manifestations of the chronic process in the stages of remission and exacerbation

If a patient with acute prostatitis has not seen a doctor, one should not think that the problem will go away on its own - it is a myth. It becomes chronic. Manifestations occasionally fade and worsen. The following signs of the disease can be distinguished:

pain in a man with prostatitis
  • Itching in the urethra.
  • Mild intermittent pain in the perineum, rectum, lower abdomen.
  • Increased nocturnal urination and retention of small amounts of fluid in the bladder.
  • Problems with sexual function: erectile dysfunction, ejaculation.
  • Increased discomfort during sexual contact.

If the chronic prostatitis is in the acute stage, the intensity of the symptoms increases slightly. The patient becomes irritable and the emotional background is destabilized.

A person often develops a depressive state, closing himself in. If treatment is not started on time, there is a chance of adenoma, cancer.

Typical symptoms of different types of prostatitis

There are different types of prostatitis depending on the etiological factor:

Type of pathology It is typical
Infectious Such prostatitis is caused by various pathogens. Disorders of the urogenital system, the composition of blood and other biological fluids change.
Bacterial Such prostatitis is caused by various pathogens. Disorders of the urogenital system, the composition of blood and other biological fluids change.
calculating It is caused by the presence of tartar (stones) in the gland. This type of disease occurs primarily in elderly patients. A person may experience the following symptoms: pain in the pelvis or sacral area that intensifies after sexual contact or other physical activity. There is a small amount of blood in the urine due to damage to the organ and the walls of the ducts. Erectile dysfunction, irritation, apathy appear
stagnation There is no change in the composition of biological fluids. The symptoms of prostatitis are mild. The patient has difficulty urinating, sometimes the temperature rises and he feels pain. The patient is anxious. You can have sex, but it comes with an uncomfortable feeling that weakens the intensity of the orgasm
Purulent This case is considered the most difficult. Over time, the symptoms become more intense. The man has pain, fever, and pus is released from the urethra

In men, the symptoms of prostatitis are very similar and there are only small differences in the manifestations. If left untreated, the disease causes impotence, urinary problems and mental disorders.

Prostate treatment at home

Many patients hope that the disease will go away on its own, but the reality is quite different. The more you delay the doctor’s visit, the faster the pathology becomes chronic. It is curable, but it requires timely examination and an integrated approach.

The treatment of prostatitis should address the following goals:

  1. Destruction of the pathogenic microflora that causes the inflammatory process.
  2. Improves microcirculation of the prostate.
  3. Remove the swelling and swelling.
  4. Ensure potency is increased.
  5. It activates the production of prostate juice by the gland.
  6. It blocks the symptoms of pathology.

Home treatment is allowed if there are no complications of the disease.

Advantages and disadvantages

herbs for prostatitis

If you decide to use folk methods at home, you should first get your doctor’s notes. Old, proven recipes have the following benefits:

  • Some herbs contain natural antibiotics, making the fight against the disease more effective.
  • Herbs combine a large number of useful substances and therefore have a multifaceted effect.
  • It stimulates the body's defenses.
  • Herbs cause fewer side effects than medicines.
  • Herbal remedies can be used for a long time.
  • They relieve the stress and nervous tension that accompany inflammation of the prostate.
  • The drugs shown can be used for prevention.
  • They can get rid of several problems at once.
  • It is possible to combine with drugs.

But this type of treatment also has drawbacks. Herbs can also trigger an allergic reaction, enhancing or weakening the effects of traditional therapies.

Indications for prostatitis

Alternative prescriptions are used if the drug is contraindicated for the patient (there is an allergic reaction or other restrictions). Such therapeutic methods can be used in the early stages of the development of prostatitis. It is better to consult your doctor first.

Types of treatment

You can quickly cure prostatitis if the therapy is complex and the patient follows all the advice of the doctor. The fight against the problem includes medicines, folk remedies, massage, physiotherapy. One must also follow the rules of rational nutrition.


Patients are prescribed the following medications:

  1. Rectal suppositories. They are used to improve metabolic processes at the site of injury, eliminate cramps, inflammation.
  2. Injections of immunomodulators.
  3. NSAIDs. Such tablets stop the pathological process and relieve the symptoms by reducing the intensity of the inflammation.
  4. Enemas based on herbal solutions.
  5. Drops in the urethra with drugs.
  6. Antibiotics. They should only be used after consultation with your doctor and the transfer of bacterial susceptibility to the active substance.
  7. Muscle relaxants. It is prescribed and can only be used if other medicines are ineffective.
  8. Corticosteroids.
  9. Alpha blockers. Such drugs help to relax smooth muscles and restore the urination process.
  10. Vitamins.
  11. Devices that restore blood circulation in the pool area.

Household appliances for physiotherapy

In men, you can cure prostatitis at home using physiotherapy procedures. It is not necessary to visit the clinic for this. Modern devices are compact so they can be used at home. The following tools are considered to be the most effective:

  1. Vibrators. They help to get rid of pain, eliminate stagnant processes (prostate juice can be obtained due to the effect of glandular products). The muscles of the perineum are toned and the intensity of inflammation decreases.
  2. electrical effect. The electrodes can be rectal or dermal.
  3. magnetic effect. This technique makes it possible to remove the swelling and pain in the prostate. The use of an ordinary magnet is permitted at home. It is enough to lubricate the perineal area daily before going to bed.

The devices presented have a good effect, but there are some contraindications as well. You should not use them in the presence of proctitis, neoplasms in the rectum with worsening chronic disease.

It will not be possible to completely cure prostatitis in this way if it is in a neglected state. However, if special tools are used with medications as well as other methods, recovery can be accelerated. In severe cases, the patient requires surgery.

Folk recipes

To prevent surgery, treatment should be started at an early stage in the development of the pathology. At this stage, folk recipes will be effective:

Tools It is typical
Onion You will need 100 g of vegetables and 600 ml of dry white wine. The ingredients are combined and infused for 10 days. The liquid is then filtered. The medicine should be taken 3 teaspoons. before meals. Onion peel is also used to make it. Wash, place in an enamel pan, pour 700 ml of water and boil on low heat for 5 minutes. The remedy is infused for one hour. After filtration, the liquid can be drunk in 0. 5 teaspoons. three times a day.
Chamomile decoction It is used for sedentary baths that relieve pain and general discomfort associated with prostatitis. The plant has a disinfectant effect.
poplar bark It requires 100 g of crushed raw material and 200 ml of vodka. The mixture should be infused in the dark for 2 weeks. Drink the drug twice a day after meals 1 tsp. The duration of therapy is 10 days.
Pumpkin seeds To normalize the condition, 30 pieces should be eaten daily. An additional 500 g of raw material can be twisted in a meat grinder mixed with 200 g of natural honey. Balls are rolled out of the mixture and consumed 1-2 times a day. The duration of therapy is 1 month. The medicine should be stored in a refrigerator. Caution is important here: beekeeping products often cause allergies.
Parsley The seeds of the plant should be ground to a powder. Then 2 tsp. the raw materials are poured into 100 ml of water. The mixture should be boiled on low heat for 15 minutes. In case of prostatitis, drink liquid three times a day before meals, 1 tsp.
Garlic 3 cloves vegetables should be chopped, put in a thermos, pour a glass of boiling water and let stand overnight. Take the medicine to 100 ml twice a day on an empty stomach.
Blooming Sally 1 tablespoon required. l. pour crushed plant with 200 ml of boiling water. After the infusion (40 minutes), the fluid is filtered and consumed 3 tablespoons 3 times daily. l.
Baking soda In case of prostatitis, it acts as a disinfectant for making baths and body lotions. To do this, 1 tbsp. l. dilute the powder in 1 liter of water. The liquid should cool slightly before use.
Propolis, dead bees 1 part of raw material should be mixed with 2 parts of medical alcohol and stored in a refrigerator for 14 days. In addition, 35 drops of product were dissolved in 100 ml of heated milk and consumed three times daily before meals.
Blueberries, birch, nettles, horseradish, goose leaves, sage leaves All herbs were taken up in equal proportions, poured with water (250 ml) and boiled for 15 minutes. The drug should be taken after a meal in 50-100 ml.
sage The grass copes extremely well with purulent prostatitis. 100 g of dry material is needed to grind to a powder. At first, they swallow a pinch of it every 2-3 hours (even at night). After a few days, the grass is used 5-6 times for 4 days.
Hydrogen peroxide It is diluted with water and used for enema or rinsing (according to the Neumyvakin method).

You can also use leeches. They dilute the blood and deliver useful substances to the body. St. John's wort and St. John's wort have a diuretic effect, eliminating inflammation. In men, prostatitis should be treated correctly with folk remedies, following step-by-step instructions for making home remedies.

The benefits of movement therapy and massage

The massage helps the patient to fight the pathology. Opinions on this are positive, as kneading the prostate helps to eliminate stagnation, restore erectile function, relieve swelling and pain. Blood circulation in the affected tissues improves. Even the sick wife can do it. It is important that your movement does not cause discomfort. Therapeutic massage reviews are positive, but should be performed correctly, taking into account the contraindications.

No less useful is prostatitis gymnastics. It is enough to perform the simplest exercises every day to improve the condition of the inflamed organ very quickly. The person should take up a semi-sitting position and alternately raise his knees. You can contract and relax your anus muscles for 10 seconds.

Nutrition rules

Acute prostatitis is characterized by very clear manifestations. There are periods of deterioration and remission in the chronic type of pathology. Diet helps to stabilize life processes. The diet should include vegetables and fruits, fresh juices, salads, nuts, lemons, celery. The menu is selected individually for each patient. If you follow the rules of diet for prostatitis, you can achieve the following results:

  • Normalizes blood circulation in the affected organ.
  • Strengthening immunity.
  • Stabilizes intestinal function.
  • Reduce irritation of the bladder mucosa and eliminate pain.
  • Reduce the frequency of going to the toilet at night.

Fatty, spicy foods, spices, strong coffee, alcohol should be excluded. After recovery, you should follow a diet to avoid relapse.

Additional recommendations for home treatment

Prostatitis is characterized by a slow and often asymptomatic course. This situation is typical of the early stages of development. To get rid of the problem, you should consider the following advice from doctors:

  • Keep your weight within the normal range.
  • Remove all wheat products from the menu.
  • Take probiotics.
  • Replace animal protein with vegetable protein.
  • It should not be tolerated if you want to go to the toilet (the risk of an infectious process in the urethra is ruled out).
  • In case of prostatitis, it is better to give up coffee and drink green tea instead.
  • Go to sports (do not overload the body and all exercises are done during remission).
  • Drink enough fluids (to avoid poisoning the body).

Implementing simple rules will allow you to fight prostatitis quickly.

Lifestyle with prostatitis

For effective recovery of the affected tissues after prostatitis, the treatment tactic chosen by the physician should be followed. Drugs should not be abused. The man should not overcool or overheat the genitals. It is better to avoid casual unprotected sex to avoid infection.

Behavior change includes increased physical activity, dietary changes, and regular sex life.

If a person is doing sedentary work, he or she should walk 5 minutes per hour, performing simple gymnastic exercises.

sex therapy

Sex is great as a prostate massage because during the process, the tissues of the organ shrink, microcirculation improves, and the man’s emotional state stabilizes. Regular sex life prevents stagnation of prostate juice. If it is not possible to commit an act with a woman, the man may use masturbation. The most important thing to achieve the effect - ejaculation.

Complications and prevention of prostatitis

If prostatitis is not cured in time, the man will develop complications: urethritis, erectile problems that can make an impotent person a healthy person. The disease is fraught with infertility. The long course of the pathological process causes irreversible changes in the tissues. Cancer then develops. The prevention of prostatitis is that the patient follows the doctors' recommendations:

  • Exercise regularly and do not sit in one position for long periods of time.
  • Follow the principles of proper nutrition.
  • Lead a healthy lifestyle (healthy lifestyle).
  • Quit bad habits.

Prostatitis is a dangerous disease that should be treated when the first symptoms appear. Folk remedies, physiotherapy and medicines help to get rid of the problem quickly and effectively.