Intimacy during prostatitis

Sex with prostatitis causes a lot of debate among modern doctors. Some experts believe that intimacy is beneficial for the patient. Other doctors argue that contact can aggravate the course of the pathological process. To find out if sex is possible with such a diagnosis, you need to know the specifics of the diagnosis.

Ignoring the symptoms of prostatitis can lead to serious consequences and problems with your partner

Characteristics of the disease

Prostatitis is seen in a large group of patients. The diagnosis is found in 30% of young people and more than 60% of elderly patients. There is a misconception that this disease only affects the weakened body. But this is far from true. There are many causes of inflammation of the prostate. For this reason, it can occur in men of any age.

There are several types of pathology. Its common form can be considered a bacterial and abacterial chronic disease. In bacterial form, the cause is a pathogen. The bacterium enters the prostate tissue through the urinary tract. Infection often becomes possible as a result of unprotected sexual contact with a carrier of the disease. The bacterium moves rapidly through the urethral canal. The microorganism causes a gradual change in the healthy microflora.

The prostate gland is located in the upper part of the duct below the bladder. Its lobes adhere tightly to the wall of the urinary tract. The upper part of the organ is in close contact with the sphincter of the bladder. When the microbe spreads in the upper part of the urinary tract, an infection of the lining of the prostate is observed. The bacterium penetrates its subcortical part.

The microbe actively reproduces in the body. The pathogen feeds on healthy cells. Areas of atrophied tissue appear. Flora is formed on such materials, which is ideal for the development of the inflammatory process. Against the background of inflammation, bacteria are left without food. It means their death. In this case, the pathogenic process continues.

After the death of the microorganisms, the patient's visible symptoms disappear. The man does not experience any discomfort. This form of pathology makes it more difficult to choose an effective treatment. Professionals often need to change the course of therapy.

The abacterial variety occurs in a large group of patients. The reason for this form can be many factors. The disease develops with groin injury, pelvic temperature changes, hormonal surges, obesity and a sedentary lifestyle. The disease affects people who have a sedentary job or spend a lot of time in front of the computer.

This pathology is associated with a gradual slowing down of blood circulation in the pelvis. At the same time, the organs receive a smaller amount of substances that are necessary for the formation of young cells. Tissue aging is accompanied by the accumulation of dead tissue in certain areas of the prostate. Inflammation develops under such material.

The danger of prostatitis lies in its negative effect on the functioning of the prostate gland.

The organ is responsible for many important processes. A special substance is produced in the glandular layer - secretion. The secretion is the basis of the seminal fluid. The subcortex also secretes a certain amount of the hormone testosterone. Against the background of prostatitis, these functions decrease.

Dangerous consequences

The disease causes many problems for the patient. In the case of prostatitis, the following negative changes can be observed:

  • erectile dysfunction;
  • deterioration of sperm parameters;
  • the appearance of pain in different localizations.

If the erectile condition is impaired, the man's excitement ceases during contact. In addition, the duration of contact is reduced. In some cases, rapid ejaculation with mild excitement is observed. This leads to problems with your partner.

Timely diagnosis of prostatitis with the help of tests is very important, it speeds up recovery

Prostatitis is also associated with a decline in sperm count. For pregnancy to occur, the sperm must have certain properties. In a healthy patient, sperm move actively in the secretory substance. If diagnosed, the sperm will thicken. Sperm move more slowly in viscous secretions. The increase in acidity causes the death of some germ cells. The long course of the disease is accompanied by primary male infertility.

Many patients complain of pain in different places. The inflammation causes pain during urination. In addition, discomfort accompanies defecation and intimacy. Acute, unbearable pain may occur during ejaculation. If a man has this symptom, he stops having sex.

For these reasons, you need to know if intimacy is possible with prostatitis.

Reasons for banning intimacy

Not all doctors allow sexual intercourse in the presence of a diagnosis. There are several prohibitive factors. Sex is prohibited for the following reasons:

  • the bacterial nature of the disease;
  • acute form of the pathology;
  • development of further complications.

In case of bacterial prostatitis, sex is prohibited. This form is caused by pathogenic microorganisms. Pathogenic bacteria are found in the microflora of the urethral canal, prostate gland and bladder. During unprotected contact, some of the dangerous microorganisms enter the female vagina. There is a risk of infection of the partner. With proper treatment, a man cannot completely get rid of prostatitis. In this case, both partners need treatment.

Sex is also not recommended in acute conditions. The acute type of prostatitis is accompanied by a number of negative signs. The man's body temperature rises slightly. Acute pain also occurs during intimacy. In some cases, pathogenic fluid is released from the urethra. For this reason, experts do not recommend sex during the exacerbation period.

Special gymnastics for prostatitis strengthens both the male and female bodies

Some doctors argue that sexual intercourse causes additional complications during the course of the disease. With excessive intensity of sexual relations, the gland weakened by the disease does not work properly. In addition, incorrect posture can be accompanied by additional pressure on inflamed tissues. The increased pressure is accompanied by the rapid spread of inflammation along the walls of the prostate gland.

Sex is also not recommended for pregnancy planning. Prostatitis is associated with pathological changes in the functioning of the organ. The separating base thickens and becomes viscous. In this condition, spermatozoa lose the properties necessary for fertilization. Even if pregnancy occurs with sperm of this quality, the fetus is not always able to develop properly. The risk of your child suffering from various pathologies increases.

When intimacy is beneficial

But in addition to the negative aspects, sex in the presence of prostatitis has many positive qualities. It is especially important for the treatment of abacterial forms of the disease. Sexual intercourse is believed to have the following positive qualities:

  • further stimulation of organ walls;
  • removal of excess secretion;
  • increased blood circulation in the pelvis;
  • speeding up the healing process.

Sex has an additional beneficial effect on the walls of the organ. This effect has similar properties to prostate massage. To treat chronic prostatitis and to prevent the disease, it is recommended to undergo a massage treatment. Manual influence is done through the rectum. Massaging the gland accelerates blood flow in the tissues. In this case, dangerous microorganisms disappear, the intensity of inflammation decreases, and the congestion ceases.

During intercourse in a certain position, pressure is exerted on the front wall of the prostate gland. At a certain frequency of friction, such pressure produces effects similar to massaging an organ. For this reason, it is recommended to choose a certain position and frequency of movement during sexual intercourse.

The main benefit of sex is that it increases blood flow to the pelvic organs. Blood fluid is a source of nutrients and useful substances for all systems and tissues. It contains a large number of red blood cells. Red blood cells are responsible for capturing air molecules from the surface of the skin. The substance molecule is fixed in a depression on the surface of the red blood cell. Through the vascular system, red blood cells distribute oxygen to the internal organs. Accelerating blood circulation helps increase oxygen levels in the pelvic organs.

Intimate intimacy with a woman is beneficial for a man suffering from the abacterial form of prostatitis

The increase in the supply of useful microelements also causes the active reproduction of tissue cells. Cells begin to divide. Young tissue replaces damaged and dead areas. At the same time, the intensity of inflammation is significantly reduced. The shape of the prostate is restored.

Sex is also useful for removing stagnant secretions from the prostate gland and vas deferens. Due to prostatitis, the viscosity of secretions increases. For this reason, part of the ejaculate is stored on the walls of the vas deferens and the prostate. The pathogen can only be removed during intimacy. However, repeated contact is not recommended. After the gland is cleansed of pathogenic secretions, its activity is gradually restored. This has a positive effect on the quality of the semen.

These positive qualities of sex life speed up the healing process. Treatment at this time helps to quickly eliminate the disease.

The rules of sex life

Not all patients know the specifics of sex with prostatitis. Intimacy during the illness must be carried out according to certain rules. Doctors give the following recommendations to men:

  • regular sex life;
  • use of contraception;
  • compliance with the rules of intimate care;
  • regular visits to a specialist;
  • refusal of additional funds upon contact.

A man's main task is a regular sex life. Sex should be done at least once every two days. With such a number of contacts, the prostate gland can quickly recover and produce the necessary amount of new ejaculate.

Infrequent sexual relations are harmful if prostatitis has been diagnosed. In case of irregular sex, negative changes in the activity of the prostate can be observed. They are fraught with the deterioration of a man's health and disruption of the hormonal system. If a man cannot have a regular sexual life with prostatitis, he must completely abstain from intimacy during the treatment.

Unprotected sex can have dangerous consequences for a woman

Any sexual contact must be performed using a contraceptive method. Condoms are used for this purpose. The latex product prevents pathogenic microorganisms from entering the female reproductive system. The condom prevents the risk of infection of the sexual partner. The use of interrupted sexual intercourse in case of prostatitis cannot protect the woman from infection.

This rule is especially important for planning couples. If a man has prostatitis, the couple must carefully protect him until the end of the therapeutic measures. Conception with prostatitis is dangerous for the further development of the fetus.

Not all men carefully follow the rules of intimate grooming. This causes a bacterial infection. To avoid further infections during sex, you must follow all the rules of intimate hygiene.

What else do you need to know?

Before sexual intercourse, the penis must be cleaned of secretions accumulated under the foreskin. A special gel must be used for this. After intimacy, the cleaning must be repeated. Underwear should be changed every day or after bathing. Towels and soap must be used separately. Maintaining hygiene allows the urethra to quickly get rid of pathogenic microflora.

Doctors do not recommend using additional stimulation devices during sexual intercourse. To enhance positive feelings, many couples use lubricants, gels and supplements. All these drugs change the microflora of the genitals. In the case of prostatitis, such a change is associated with the development of complications. The course of the disease becomes significantly more complicated. For this reason, the couple should avoid additional stimulants during treatment.

It is also a mistake to use pills to restore an erection. Such drugs cause increased blood flow in the cavernous body of the penis. When used, the blood is fixed in the organ for several hours. Prolonged stimulation in the background of prostatitis is fraught with a strong thickening of the prostate membrane. This leads to deterioration of the patient's condition.

Treatment of prostatitis must be accompanied by medical supervision. Only a specialist can give recommendations on intimacy during prostatitis therapy. Compliance with all the rules leads to a quick recovery of male sexual health.